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Four Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush More Consistently

April 14, 2016


It can be difficult for all of us to do something that we’re simply not in the mood for.  This is especially true for children, whether it’s bed-time or bath-time.  Maintaining good oral hygiene can be a challenge as well, so here are a few tips for motivating your children to keep their teeth healthy:…
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Should Children & Teens Get Tooth-Whitening?

March 31, 2016


Public awareness of tooth-whitening procedures and products has grown significantly in the past few years.  The number of questions our patients and their parents ask about tooth-whitening has also increased especially among parents concerned about their child’s self image and older adolescents/teens who want to look their best.  But are these methods and procedures safe…
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Tooth Surprise! This Common Food Can Be More Damaging Than Candy.

March 17, 2016


When we think of the foods most harmful to our teeth, we immediately think of candy.  Cavities are caused by bacteria in your mouth that creates enamel attacking acids. This bacteria feeds on sugars that exist in nearly everything we eat, and candy is one of the most obvious culprits.  But other foods can be…
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Simple Mistakes that Cause Millions of Preventable Cavities

March 3, 2016


No parent wants their child to have cavities and the majority of us take special care to ensure that each dental visit ends cavity-free.  Yet, tooth decay remains the most common preventable childhood disease in the U.S. Here are a few simple mistakes that, if corrected, could save children from millions of cavities. Not Starting…
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Four Tips For Sensitive Teeth

February 18, 2016


People of all ages can be affected by sensitive teeth.  Whether it’s biting into a cold ice cream cone or drinking a hot beverage, the pain that can come from hypersensitivity can be more than an inconvenience. What can cause sensitive teeth? Cracked or fractured teeth Missing or worn fillings Gum disease Cavities Each of these needs…
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Super Bowl Snacks Your Teeth Will Love

February 4, 2016


  Are you ready for the Big Game?  A Super Bowl get-together demands super snacks but not at the expense of your teeth.  That’s why we’ve put together a few tasty game day snacking ideas with healthy ingredients.  Of course, these are snacks, and none of them are perfect.  Regardless of what you eat, don’t…
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Here Are Four Reasons Gum Health is Important

January 22, 2016


Taking care of your own gum health and helping guide your children in good oral habits can provide a lifetime of benefits. Here are four reasons your gums are so important.

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