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Here Are Four Reasons Gum Health is Important

January 22, 2016


Taking care of your own gum health and helping guide your children in good oral habits can provide a lifetime of benefits. Here are four reasons your gums are so important.

Baby Teeth Are Temporary, So Are They Really Important?

December 24, 2015


We often hear people downplay the importance of primary teeth (also called “baby” or “milk” teeth).  The front 4 primary teeth generally last until 6-7 years of age, while the back teeth (cuspids and molars) aren’t replaced until age 10-13.  People mistakenly believe that since these teeth are temporary, that they do not matter in…
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Fun Dentist Approved Stocking Stuffers

December 10, 2015


Once the big gifts have been purchased, it’s time to buy the smaller stocking-stuffers.  A lot of times, these little items are enjoyed long after Christmas and can be more functional.  But functional doesn’t have to be boring and healthy teeth can be a fun part of Christmas.  Here are a few ideas to encourage…
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Four Ways to Show Your Teeth Some Love!

November 26, 2015


Your teeth are important!  Not only are they the first stage in eating and digestion, but a healthy set of teeth will keep you looking your best.  So perhaps it’s a idea good to say “Thank You” to your teeth for being so awesome.  Here are a few ways you can show your gratitude. Sing to…
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The Dangers of E-cigarettes and Teen Oral Health

November 12, 2015


More teenagers have tried Electronic Cigarettes than adults, with statistics showing as many as 10% of high school students having tried the latest trend in smoking compared with only 2.7% of adults.

5 Brushing Blunders A Lot of People Make

October 22, 2015


We all know how to brush our teeth, right? Unfortunately there are times when we may actually do more harm than good. Here are the five worst toothbrush blunders:   1. Brushing too hard. Brushing with too much force can damage sensitive gums and wear away the protective enamel of your teeth. Try to brush…
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Tips for Common Dental Emergencies

October 8, 2015


Like all emergencies, dental emergencies appear out of nowhere and demand immediate attention. Knowing what to do when an emergency arises is key to having a positive outcome and preventing a bad situation from getting worse. Taking the right action, can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth. Just as we spend time…
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