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Tips for How to Care for Oral Appliances

April 6, 2018


People that want a straighter, more aligned smile often turn to braces and retainers. In order for oral appliances to work, they must be kept clean to avoid unnecessary wear-and-tear. Here’s how to care for braces and retainers, while also keeping your teeth clean and cavity-free in the process.  Braces  Braces are meant to be clean and free of food-debris so that…
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What Makes Food Mouth-Healthy?

March 23, 2018


Proper oral healthcare is important for a person’s overall well–being, and a healthy diet plays a BIG role in oral health. When trying to eat mouth-healthy food, there’s a few things to look at when considering which food is best for your teeth.  Fiber Content  Fiber is an excellent nutrient for mouth-health, and supports a healthy digestive system. Fibrous fruits and vegetables…
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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these Mouth Healthy Treats!

March 8, 2018


St. Patrick’s day can be a fun holiday for the whole family to celebrate. This year, try making some mouth-healthy green treats that your family will love so much they may pinch you! Super Green Super Food Smoothie   This super green smoothie is fantastic for cooling down on a warm spring day. The kale gives it…
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6 Tips to Avoid Early Childhood Cavities

February 22, 2018


Early childhood cavities are defined as cavities or decayed tooth surfaces that occur in a child under the age of 6. But there’s good news: cavities are nearly 100% preventable. You can help prevent cavities in your family by employing some of our favorite oral-health tips!  1 – Avoid Sugary Liquids Baby bottles give toddlers great comfort, but misusing…
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Warn Your Teen about the Dangers of Oral Piercings

February 8, 2018


Did you know that surveys of adolescents and young adults (age 13 – 29) report that 25% to 35% have a body piercing at a site other than the ear lobe? With the rise of oral piercings, many teens are piercing their tongues and lips to enjoy a fashion trend. But, an oral piercing can…
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Is it OK for Kids to Whiten Their Teeth?

January 25, 2018


A healthy, bright smile is a powerful thing – especially for kids. But many parents turn to whitening products to help improve their child’s smile. One of the most common teeth-whiteners is whitening toothpaste – but is it OK for your child to use? Whitening Toothpaste  Whitening toothpaste can work to remove stains on the surface of teeth, but…
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What is a “Dental Home” and Why is Important for Your Child?

January 11, 2018


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises that parents establish a dental home for their child before their first tooth emerges, or around the ages of 8 – 10 months. But, what is a dental home, and why is it important? Why not simply visit a general dentist? Extensive Pediatric Training Pediatric dentists have had 2-3 years of special training…
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Top Books Dentists Recommend for Young Children

December 28, 2017


Raising young children is a full-time job, and as a parent, your child’s health and happiness is your top priority. Taking care of your children’s teeth can be confusing, and sometimes frustrating. But, don’t lose all hope, these books can help young children learn about their teeth, and grow to enjoy taking care of them.  Brush…
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